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ProExtender Vs. Penis Pumps

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Choosing the best device for penis enlargement

Men have used whatever technology has been available to them over the last several decades to temporarily fix their difficulties. Men have been purchasing vacuum penis pumps since the 1970s as a remedy for erection issues and as a technique of penis growth. Even while the penile pump is well-known, widely used, and efficient, there are now even more recent and far more efficient devices accessible.

The field of artificial penis augmentation has advanced dramatically since the invention of “penis traction devices.” The development of penile traction devices with the ability to raise the volume of the corpus cavernosa, the structures in the penis responsible for erection, is the outcome of clinical study and testing.

The ProExtender is one of the mechanical devices that now offers a permanent penis enlargement option, when before these mechanical devices (such vacuum pumps) were merely a temporary cure.


How the penis pump works

The vacuum concept is how most penis pumps function. By sucking the air out of the penis, the reverse pressure forces more blood from the body into the corpora cavernosa (erectile bodies of the penis), expanding the erection, often to huge dimensions.

Before using the basic penile pump, the base of the penis must first be enclosed in an airtight tube. Following the creation of the seal, the majority of the surrounding air is gradually forced out using an electric or manual pump. Although there is never a complete vacuum within the container, by gradually lowering the pressure, the penis may enlarge significantly.

The main challenge is that, in order to avoid an abrupt loss of size after the tube is removed, a plastic or rubber ring is often required. Most users find penile pumps more beneficial for “pleasure pumping” than for increasing penis size since the benefits are very brief.


How the ProExtenderâ„¢ works

ProExtender stimulates the body to produce new tissue that lengthens and thickens the penis by employing the traction principle.

The ProExtenderTM helps the body to actually produce new tissue to reweave the pressure by continuously and gently stretching the penile tissues. Native Americans have been altering the human body with the same technique for ages. Modern physicians also utilize it to grow tissues for reconstructive surgery.

Simple to use, the apparatus is fastened to the penis in a similar manner to a penile pump but without a tube. A soft rubber ring is also fastened around the penis by the apparatus. The penis is then put under a little stress after the device is gently tightened.

The two main aspects that affect how quickly the penis will develop are the length of time spent and the degree of stress used. In order to enhance the results, many men additionally decide to utilize supplements, such the ProExtender System.


Making it permanent

The main objective of consumers of these products is to enhance penis size. Penis pumps are still in use, which proves that they work well as a temporary fix. However, it seems that the main use of pumps is to get a brief erection for intercourse.

Using accepted medical practices, the ProExtender traction device is employed as a permanent fix. Clinical research has shown and documented the size increases with traction.



Vacuum pumping the penis has been hypothesized to cause minor increases in penile size over time, however this has not been shown via clinical trials. These tools work well for short-term penile enlargement. The obvious solution for long-term penile enlargement is traction equipment like ProExtender.

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